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Hey there, I’m Clemens, the brain behind animated.vision and most of the visual experiences you can find in the portfolio section. Started my creative path in music (production / sound design) under the name Umpire and later on with my alias iamu, I always wanted to extend my knowledge in graphic design and animation. By coincidence, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to participate in the brand design / animation of a new music project called Fresh Mode, which was later signed to Sony / Columbia. The label liked my work and since then I got asked to work for several inspiring artist projects at Sony Music, while doing some projects for the likes of Martin Garrix, Fresh Mode and Kiddo. Moreover I did some cool Face Filters for brands like Frequency Festival or Monster Energy and to be honest with you… I can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!! Stay tuned everyone 😀



Face Filter

Time to get your personal face filter on Snapchat and Instagram. Don't sleep on it!

Film / Photo

You prefer real-life videos or a mix between animation and video footage? Let's talk about it!


No matter if artwork or full music video. We will animate it!

Branding / Customization

We visualize your new brand. Already an idea in mind? We create the concept and brand around it.

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